A Walk, A Hawk and A Celebrity Gawk

There are certain defining moments in your life when you know you’re getting older.  If you wait for an escalator that’s moving at a snail’s pace rather than walking up a flight of stairs, you’re getting older. If you see a group of teenagers and say to yourself “What the hell are they wearing, you’re getting older. If there’s a snowstorm and you think “What a mess”, rather than “I want to go play in it” you’re getting older.

Fortunately for me, I come down on the side of “lets go out and play in it” more times than not. I do look at teenagers these days however and think “how do they keep their pants from falling off” so I suppose I’m in a transitional phase. On Thursday, Mother Nature dumped almost a foot of snow here in Gotham.

I got a call from two friends who suggested we take the subway to 103rd Street and walk across Central Park up there.  For those of you not familiar with that part of the park, it’s beautiful and most definitely my favorite section. It’s remote, really natural and far less crowded than the more frequented parts of CP.  I’ll admit, I did have a moment or two when I thought “what the hell am I doing marching through these snow mountains”, but once we got there it was well worth the trek.

Since this is a blog, it’s usually about the writing-duh, however this time I think the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words really does apply.  I could explain what we did and write descriptive prose about how beautiful and peaceful our walk through the snow was, but I’ll  just let the pictures do the talking. I’m sure the title of this post will make a lot more sense after you’ve looked at them.   

Dramatic Winter Sky

Central Park 2011 or 1935?

Snow Joy! P.S. I Do Not Know This Woman

"Come and Play in the Park With Me"

Senor Hawk Takes a Break From Enjoying His Lunch to Pose for the Hawkarazzi

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Hi Cyndi Lauper!

"In the Winter We Will Build a Tiny Snowman, He Will Smile and Enjoy the Day"

Pristine Snow

Twilight in NYC

Goodnight Central Park, Thanks for a Beautiful Day!

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