And So It Begins

“And so it begins” that’s a line from one of my favorite TV show’s Babylon 5—yes sci-fi nerd alert, but it seemed fitting.  May 1, 2011—and it’s finally time to hit the open road.  All of my worldly possessions have been safely tucked away in a storage until somewhere in Long Island City (I hope they’ll forgive me for doing that to them one day).  It’s currently 70 degrees and sunny perfect weather to kick off the journey.  I can’t believe all the route planning, stocking up on supplies and registering for every hotel program known to man is finally finished and the day of departure is at long last here!  I’ve decided to head North, event though it would have made for a better blog post if I headed towards California that way I could start off with a post called “Go West Young Man” but I suppose I’ll get to use that one soon enough. I’m sitting in my apartment on a box using my laptop for the last time at 95 Horatio Street; I won’t have a real, permanent address again for a while-awesome!  Next stop, upstate New York.  And we’re off….

P.S The current front runner is…


  1. Matt on March 25, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    This is the SUV I drove from Seattle to San Francisco.

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