And we’re back in 4, 3, 2, 1, ……

Hello loyal halcyon highway blog readers!  Did you miss me?  Did you feel like you were waiting for the new season of your favorite TV show to start?  Well I’m back and the journey continues!

So how many people do you know who’ve driven from New York to Alaska?  OK, I’ll wait.  That’s what I thought, probably none. Now, what about someone who’s done it twice!  Yup, on my way back up to Alaska for a serious adventure!  Let’s just say it’s one of the most remote places in Alaska and will definitely be a road trip highlight, even though it requires a 3 hour 900 mile flight and returning on a ferry for 3 days. That’s all I’m saying for now.

A few road trip facts:

I’ve been on the road for 480 days!

I’ve driven approximately 42,000 miles.

I still have no idea how to change a flat tire or check my oil.

I can probably name every song and artist on BPM, the dance station on XM satellite radio

I’ve made it to all 50 states after crossing the border into Nebraska, I might have planned that a little better and picked a cooler state–sorry Nebraska, no offense intended.

Now, I’m ready for more!

So I flew back to Denver from NYC on July 31st after having had many, many fantastic 50th birthday celebrations.  I spent a few days in Denver and then headed off to Cody WY, Cooke City MT, Yellowstone, Bozeman and then up into beautiful British Columbia. As always mother nature surpassed herself at every turn. From the bison herds in Yellowstone, to the morning fog in Cooke City, to Icefields Parkway in Jasper, the places I passed and the things I saw at times didn’t even seem real.

First order of business in Denver, Nicki Minaj concert!

“In this moment I just feel so alive, alive”

Early morning fog in Yellowstone

Yellowstone, I never get tired of looking at it

It was all about the bison this year! Last year they were just kind of these big, boring blobs on the side of the road, but this year they were the main attraction. They were playful, vocal, brazen and out in force by the hundreds.

“Don’t you honk that horn at me, I’ll move when I’m good and ready”

“oohh oohhhh too much coffee, not gonna make it, oohhh pooping right here, so embarrassing

View from The Bear Tooth Highway on the way to Red Lodge

Taking a closer look

I think I found the actual Halcyon Highway!!

Driving up Ice fields Parkway

Mt. Robson on a perfect Canadian day

One of the most beautiful spots I’ve ever seen! The lake at the end of my Mt. Robson hike

Oh what a tangled web! Beautiful intricate spider web taken in the marsh next to my hotel,early morning. Valemount, B.C.


  1. Leenda on August 23, 2012 at 10:58 am

    You, my friend, surpass surpassion! (Yes, I made it up and there was no better choice…)

    The depths of Alaska sound very intriguing and mysterious…I eagerly await the next episode!


  2. halcyonhighway on August 25, 2012 at 10:37 pm

    Linder, as usual always glad to see you following along. Since you are such a loyal devotee I’ll give you a hint–The Deadliest Catch 🙂 xo slub

  3. Janet on September 9, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    Hello, Mark and Franco! Your pictures are beautiful, I have never seen these places. I must admit the couple taking a closer look made me queesy, oh my goodness! Don’t mess with the Bison. They look like the same ones State Farm used for their tv add.

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