Lake Champlain Overflows! Highest Water Level Ever, 102 Feet

It was quite an adventurous two days!  Rain hiking and several detours before getting on a ferry that actually crossed Lake Champlain.  The first ferry was, well as you can see not happening–detour! The second ferry at Port Henry, also submerged.  Finally I was heading towards the only ferry in the vicinity that seemed to be working and it was an obstacle course to get there.  The ferry ride from the NY side to the Vermont side took all of ten minutes, the drive to get there including detours about two hours.  I expected to encounter some inclement weather, but not this early on in the trip!  

Essex Ferry Totally Flooded

Lake Champlain Flooding

Pavilion On The Edge Of The Lake

Most Of The Roads Around The Lake Were Closed

On The Way To Saranac

I'd Move My Car!

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