Marc and Franco, The Colorado Tour

Anyone who knows me and Franco knows that we can entertain ourselves pretty much anywhere. We’ve been laughing at the same stupid stuff for 15 years now! So give us awesome mountains, a new city, some theater and yes ANOTHER Gay Pride celebration and imagine what we can do with that. Here we are during our week together in Colorado

Franco enjoying a cool mountain breeze at 11,000 feet!

Extreme Close Up!

What an awesome experience watching this mother and baby moose try to navigate the stream.

A great shot of the baby moose

Rocky Mountain National Park!

This enormous, molting, unpleasant looking creature was standing outside the Visitor Center on Antelope Island blocking the path to my car! I know its not Colorado, but its such a good picture

We did an 8 mile hike to Fern Lake

We were able to follow this coyote who was extremely camera friendly. He gave us a glimpse of him eating his first course

I’ve been a couple of times but the Continental Divide is always cool

He was a bold little fellow

A perfect elk sighting


The historic Park Theater in Estes Park where we stayed. It’s just outside Rocky Mountain National Park. This is one of the oldest motion picture houses in the country

After our hike up to Emerald Lake we had a pretty rare bear sighting in the parking area. Franco got this shot of the first bear we saw, the second bear was enormous, probably the mother of this one

This was the second bear we saw, so huge, she made the front page of the Estes Park News!

Rocky Mountain National Park established 1915

Enjoying a little chocolate fudge

Franco’s favorite bird

A Horn Armchair from Tiffany & Co. 1880. Denver Museum of Art

A beautiful shot of downtown with a thunderstorm looming

I loved this statue outside of the Denver Art Museum

Denver Pride


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    What a smile!

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