My Month In Tucson Arizona

Yes Tucson was the longest stop yet on the journey.  After the first two weeks at the Best Western, I got used to the housekeeping staff saying “Oh you’re still here” and them trying to figure out why.  I wondered to myself if they started to look for bomb making equipment under my bed! Tucson is a very cool city, big enough to have everything you need, malls, movie theaters, the symphony and a couple of good museums, but also surrounded by the awesome Saguaro National Park and equally awesome hikes in every direction.  My two favorites were the Telephone line trail at Sabino Canyon and The Hugh Norris (aka by me The Chuck Norris) trail.  Lots of time also spent with friends, Andrew you’re the best thanks for making my visit to Tucson so fantastic.  Here are some pictures of my visit.

The beautiful flowering desert

Awesome little desert lizards scurried about everywhere

While I was hiking one day I stumbled upon a devastatingly handsome desert Merman perched on a rock

Biosphere 2-Research Laboratory

Rattlesnake, it was in the road in Saguaro N.P. I had a clear view of it and then a car came and scared it before I got a good picture, its not bad thought and the rattle is clearly visible

I experienced a lot of random things in Tucson, and this one is high on the list

Beautiful and well protected!

Saguaro at sunset

I love the time when day is just turning into night

The desert as if it were on fire

Let the sun shine, let the sunshine in the sun shine through

Sabino Canyon

Tucson desert

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