Photos From My Going Away Party-April 23, 2011

So much fun!  The Americana theme was a huge success. Party revelers enjoyed a wide variety of “Food and drink from The Middle“.  Please note  friends/readers who are from The Middle, while it may seem like I’m mocking you, I’m not!  Just the opposite in fact, I’m embracing all that happens in-between our illustrious coasts. I’m so excited for Wide Open Spaces.  There were also lots of Americanesque decorations and a good time was had by all (so I’ve been told). See for yourself!  

Snacks circa 1978

Fourth of July or Going Away Party?

Marc and Kyle

Party Guests

Britten, Lynn, Marc, Dad and Greg

Marc and Joe

Yodel Kababs! They tasted a lot better than they look (Concept by Michelle DiDonato)


Linda, Franco, Laura and Marc (Is Franco drinking a beer?)

Toasting with Yodel Kababs

Dad and Britten

David, Marc and Brian

The PR Crowd with spouses

Not very PC but funny!!

And again more non PC humor (my favorite kind!)


  1. Helayne on April 30, 2011 at 9:54 am

    Your spirit of adventure is awesome!!!! Have a wonderful time. Come back to us. I will be following your blogs. xox

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