The Original Adventure

As most of you know on May 1, 2011, I left on what would turn out to be a two year journey across the United States and Canada. Below are the original blog posts chronicling my adventure. I had absolutely no idea of the natural wonders I would encounter, the beautiful, remote places I would visit and the dozens of wonderful people who would turn out to be lifelong friends. While that particular journey is at an end, the adventure certainly continues. My hope for this section of the new website now is that it can be used by anyone looking to visit the remote and wonderful places you might not otherwise find across North America.

The Countdown Begins

March 1, 2011

Today’s March 1st and my planned date of departure is May 1st.  It’s all starting to become real!  I’m looking at SUV’s although I really have to stop asking people what they like or I’ll never pick one. Just when I think I’ve made my decision, someone else weighs in and boom, another contender. I’m…

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