The Amazing Brother P-Touch Label-24,000 Miles And Still Holding Tight!

You’re probably thinking, what’s this all about? Well before I left on my trip I spoke with an industry colleague and she had a brilliant idea as part of their “Extreme Offices” campaign. She asked me if I would put a Brother P-Touch label on my car to help prove how tough they are and that they never come off ( until you want them to, then it’s easy) I asked her if I could put my website address on the label and stick it to the back of my car. “Of course” was her reply. So seven and a half months later, its still holding tight without the slightest hint of coming off anytime soon! Given the extreme weather conditions I’ve driven in its really an amazing accomplishment, well done, Brother P-Touch!


Brother P-Touch Extreme Office 

Please click the link above to visit the Brother P-Touch Extreme Office Website

**Halcyon Highway is being compensated for this endorsement**


  1. Dawn on January 16, 2012 at 11:04 am

    Way to Marc…..and Brother!!!

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