The Countdown Begins

Today’s March 1st and my planned date of departure is May 1st.  It’s all starting to become real!  I’m looking at SUV’s although I really have to stop asking people what they like or I’ll never pick one. Just when I think I’ve made my decision, someone else weighs in and boom, another contender. I’m checking out storage facilities and getting quotes on car insurance. 

I also spoke to the Managing Agent today in my building and told him that I needed out of my lease sooner rather than later.  He was so incredibly nice and the building is great.  So if any of my six followers know someone who wants a kick ass apartment, let me know. There was a real estate broker from Bond Realty in the office and she said that the current vacancy rate in the West Village is about 1% which bodes very well for me.   I love this building and my apartment, I’m so sad to give it up.  The management company TF Cornerstone  is amazing. How many people in NYC say that about their landlords?

My last day at work is Friday March 4th. I’m still kind of in denial about it at the moment. I’m sure there’ll be a whole blog post just about that in the next few days.  I’m having a going away party tomorrow at the Standard Hotel Biergarten—yay, friends and beer, what’s better than that!


  1. Michelle on March 19, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    muy exciting!

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