The Middle of Nowhere

So if you’re “nowhere” how do you know when you’re in the middle of it? 

You could be two-thirds of the way through nowhere, or maybe you’ve just barely begun to enter nowhere. How do you know where nowhere ends? You can’t really know you’re in the middle of nowhere can you? I suppose it’s possible if you take accurate notice of where and when you enter and exit the nowhere and record it, then you could say with confidence “I’ was in the middle of nowhere”, but I don’t think you can state that until after the fact. Well I suppose you could take out a map and say here’s where the nowhere begins and here’s where it ends and when I get to point “x” I’ll be in the middle of nowhere, but  if you’ve identified it, then it becomes somewhere not nowhere doesn’t it?

All of this seems like an awful lot of work to prove that you’re nowhere doesn’t it?  Isn’t it a better use of your time to prove that you were somewhere?  Why can’t the phrase be “I’m in the middle of somewhere” which clearly you are.

This is the deep, philosophical dilemma I propose you ponder today.

One tiny flaw in my theory is that when I took this picture (I didn’t actually take it, I’m just using it for this post it’s from Flickr posted by someone named Scooter Vagabond) I looked around and thought “Wow I’m in the middle of freaking nowhere!  See how logic doesn’t always play a big part in our thought process?

Here I am trying to convince you that you must be in the middle of somewhere and yet clearly I was not.  I leave it to your good judgment to decide next time you can’t see a thing for miles and miles whether you’re in the middle of nowhere or the middle of somewhere. Remember, there are no wrong answers!

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