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All journeys begin at Point A and end at Point B.  Of course there will be hundreds of stops along the way during this particular adventure, but every trip has a beginning, a middle and an end.  Fortunately for me, I’m currently focusing on the beginning.
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Right now Point A is 95 Horatio Street in the West Village.  Why have I inserted a map into this post you ask?  Because I just figured out how to do it that’s why!  I’m presently in the technological learning phase of how to blog, so every time I acquire a nifty new skill, I shove it into the text and try to craft a post around it. Not always as exciting for my readers as it is for me, but since I currently only have 5 blog followers and one of them is me, I’m hoping for a little latitude.

I had a good catch up phone call with an old friend today. Jen and I did a 3 week road trip together about 15 years ago.  We drove around the Pacific Northwest and had an amazing time. Her road trip lasted for 9 months.  Pretty impressive for a 25 year old girl to do mostly on her own.  The route we discussed for my trip went a little bit like this: up the east coast through Maine and into Canada, lots of little islands off the coast, Toronto and Quebec, possibly down into Minnesota, through the Dakota’s, then heading West up to Alaska (that’s a whole lot of nothing to drive through, but maybe, the thought of meandering through the Yukon Territory is oddly appealing to me) back down the West Coast through Washington, Oregon and California, heading toward Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and then into Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, West Virginia and back to New York*. Or something like that.

The route begins to take shape, the anticipated departure date of May 1 draws nearer and watching  Point A become smaller and smaller in the rear view mirror gets closer by the day.

*Please note the writer of this post takes no responsibility for any geographical errors made while describing his route.  He is very sleepy and doesn’t feel like fact checking a map right now. Thank you for your understanding (all 4 of you) and pleasant dreams

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